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Where do I buy my home decor?

Mis à jour : 28 mars 2020

A home should be a scared space. Your place, the place where you live with your family, a place where you are in confidence. This is why I care so much about decorating my house. I am gonna share with you, the best place for me to find amazing home decorations (to the lower price to the higher).

1- Walmart:

As you know, at Walmart, you can find everything!!! And sometimes, I find some really cute pieces for my home at mini prices. So, go check Walmart, you will be surprised!

2- Target:

Same as Walmart, at Target you can find everything but maybe a little bit more expensive. So, when I have time I love going to Target and lying inside the store. I often find some cute stuff for my bathroom.

3- Home Goods:

I think I can stay hours inside of Homegoods!! This store is always full of wonderful home decor and furniture. Almost all the decor of my house is from Homegoods. It's not that expensive and the quality is there!

4- Z Gallerie:

This store is wonderful!!! Everything inside Z Gallerie is so gorgeous and luxurious, I love it! Some pieces are affordable but most of them are expensive. I absolutely love all their designs, especially, during Christmas time.

Hope you will find some idea to decorate and house, and now you know where to go!!

Have a wonderful week my amazing readers!

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