• Miss Frenchy Girl

What we learned in 2020, my goals for 2021!

Happy New Year! Let's pray that this year won't be as shitty as the last! Something is welcoming about a new year, it somehow feels like a fresh start, new opportunities, and the chance to start over.

But first, let's recap what we learned in 2020!

I am not going to do a full recap don't worry! I just want to highlight the positive things we learned in different ways during this weird year.

I learned that life isn’t easy but life is beautiful.

Life is short and we should appreciate every little moment of it.

Health shouldn’t be taken for granted.

We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.

We should love ourselves, love our body, and love our mind.

So yes, I didn’t learn Japanese and I didn’t stick to my workout plan during quarantine but I am proud of myself because I survived this year, this tough year.

And you should be proud of yourself too!

My goals for 2021!

I am usually the one who creates big "resolutions" but it doesn't seem right this year. First, because I never stick to them, and second because it feels pressuring. So, this year, I want to do things differently and create "goals" instead of "resolutions"!

Some tips:

- write down as many goals as you want on a planner or notebook.

- divide those goals into months (give yourself deadlines), it will feel easier to achieve 2 or 3 goals per month than all of them during the whole year.

- be realistic! Skydiving should be on your bucket list and not on your goals list.

- be specific! Instead of "workout more", try "take the stairs and not the elevator, don't use the car but walk".

Now it's time to share my goals!

Reach my desire followers count

Include meditation in my morning routine

Continue to lose weight slowly

Drink more water, less coffee

Use more ecological and ethical products

Obtain my school degree

Be successful with my business project

Travel somewhere

Let’s pray 2021 is bringing us more positivity, more opportunities, and more love ❤️

I hope you liked this article! Don't forget to stay safe and enjoy every little moment!