• Miss Frenchy Girl

What I bought and love from Amazon

I am obsessed with organizing my house and finding great and affordable stuff for it, that's why I spent most of my time on Amazon and here are what I bought and love.

A cheese raclette grill, perfect for the winter nights: link here

DVD player, region free. Perfect for European who can't read their DVD in USA: link here

Milk Frother for a homemade cappuccino: link here

A cat tree very soft with plenty of space and play house: link here

Over the door pantry organizer, perfect when you have a small kitchen: link here

A clothes rack very aesthetic for bedroom: link here

A plastic drawer organizer, space savior: link here

Candles tools to achieve the perfect candle aesthetic: link here

A mug warmer for those who forget their coffee: link here

I hope you enjoyed my Amazon favorites and let me know if you buy any of them!

DISCLAIMER: They are not affiliates links, I won't make any money from your purchases!



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