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What do I use fo​​r my skin?

If you follow me, you know that I don't really share my skin or my face in pictures. It's not that I don't like my skin, but I had acne for a long time so I didn't feel good to show me without makeup. But, since I have a better skincare routine, my skin is back normal and I am really happy.

This is absolutely essential to keep your skin in a good health! Some people will say that put many creams on your face isn't good, but for me, it is the opposite. We give water to our body, so we have to give hydration to our skin! This is why I'm gonna share with you guys my products, what I use for my skin and why.

In the morning:

In the morning, the first thing I do is clean my face with the Clinique liquid facial soap and a soft sponge. After that, a little bit of rose facial toner from Fresh to be sure that my skin is wake up and clean. Then, I use 2 products from Neutrogena that I love: the hydro-boost gel cream for my face and the gel cream for my eyes. Those products are really good because they were created to be like water, so they hydrate your face deeply. The final step in the morning is my sunscreen. Mine is from Caudalie with an SPF 50, absolutely necessary if you live in Miami like me. All products that I have in my morning routine are "make up friendly" because there isn't any deposit when I do my make up after.

In the evening:

Usually, I wore make up every day, so I really enjoy when I put off everything with my Sephora waterproof makeup remover for my eyes, and my Garnier skin active all in 1 for my face. After that, I am gonna clean one more time my face with my cleanser from Clinique because there is always makeup residue on my skin. Then, I go to the shower.

When I get out of the shower, one cotton with my Fresh toner. Now that my skin is absolutely clean, I can put my Vinoperfect serum from Caudalie who is excellent to erase all the acne scars and redness. After, its time for my Dr. Jart cream, cicapair color correcting treatment. This product saved my life! In 1 month, my skin changed literally. And I finish with my eye gel cream and a Fresh balm for my lips.

In the week end:

Normally I do my "spa day" on Sunday. So I am using products my skin needs. But one thing is sure, I always do one facial scrub per week. Mine is Pure sugar from L'Oreal, and it's not so aggressive because it is made with sugar. And after, I see if my skin is oily (I use Pure clay from L'Oreal), sensitive (I use the Sephora tissue masks), or completely dry (I use coconut oil). One thing really important is to listen to your own needs, and your skin will be grateful!

I hope that my skin routine was interesting for you, let me know your skin type in the comments and what products you are using.

I wish you a wonderful day everyone!!

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