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Top 3 luxury restaurants in Miami​.

Mis à jour : 9 janv. 2020

Miami has a reputation to be a rich city, so of course many luxury restaurants takes place there. Here is my selection of my 3 favorite luxury restaurant I tried in Miami and I recommend.

"Gianni's at the Villa":

Gianni’s is an Italian Mediterranean restaurant based on the house of Gianni Versace. They offers a delicious food and wine selections, served in a one-of-a kind historic setting.

The stunning atmosphere of this restaurant promised you a wonderful evening. No matter if you are placed in the history-steeped dining room, or under the stars poolside, this restaurant is wonderful, unique and offers you a magical luxury experience.

If you want to go there, here is their website: http://vmmiamibeach.com/gianni/

La Cote at Fontainebleau:

La Côte is a Mediterranean restaurant based on a Côte d'Azur style. Let the South of France vibe surround you with fashionable cocktails, live DJ bar scene and exotic snacks and desserts.

La Côte’s upper level offers you an incredible view of the Fontainebleau swimming pool and Miami Beach ocean.  

If you are interested about this place, here is their website: https://fontainebleau.com/dining/la-cote/miami-beach-oceanside-dining

Fontana at Biltmore Hotel:

Fontana is an elegant and romantic Italian restaurant based on the Biltmore landscaped courtyard. With this Mediterranean architecture, and his center fountain the Fontana offers you a distinctly European charm and sophistication from sunrise until sunset.

They have an excellent choice of seasonal ingredients and an exceptional wine list.

You want to go there, here is their website: https://www.biltmorehotel.com/dining/fontana/

Do you like my selection? Hope you will!

Have a good day everyone!!

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