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The famous "Dior Café"!

Mis à jour : 24 mars 2020

Good morning my wonderful readers! Today I'm gonna talk about a really nice bloggers place in Miami, the Dior Café of course!

If you live in Miami and you didn't hear about this Dior Cafe pop up, on which planet are you? This place has become one of the most Instagram place to be in Miami.

I thought that the Miami Design District couldn't get any better, but I was wrong!

With this fashionable and trendy "Dior Cafe" based on the 3th floor of the Dior boutique, this is the place to be!

I went to the café with my gorgeous friend Imara from the Magic City Living blog to spend a nice blogger tea-time in a wonderful place.

Of course we tried their coffee and pastries, which are delicious!!!

The Cafe Creme owner took this incredible Dior opportunity to manage this sophisticated place. Everything is delicious and the design is absolutely stunning and aesthetically pleasing.

Dior Café is literately the kind of place that bloggers and influencers love talking about.

You can take amazing Instagrammable shots.

Going out in Miami? You love beauty, fashion and design? Stop by the Dior Café, you will not be disappointed!

Hope you enjoyed and have a beautiful day everyone!

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