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Stay healthy with Eat Simply Free!

Mis à jour : 24 mars 2020

I think we all know how hard is it to stay healthy and I know what I am talking about. Since I move from France to Miami, I noticed that everything is different and mostly the food. We don't find the same products, supermarkets are really different and there is sugar mostly everywhere.

So, to be honest I took a little bit of weight since I am here. It is not that bad, but I really tried to be careful with my weight.

That’s why, now, I tried to be careful about what I eat and what I put in my body.

So, I am very happy that I found Eat simply free, and do a partnership with them.

Who are they? They are the leaders in plant powered wellness products and their mission is to enrich digestive and gut health through our mouth-watering recipes.

They also combined probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber to have the ultimate digestive and gut health trio. In the meantime, they left out the 8 major allergens of their products, so: no dairy, no tree nuts, no peanuts, no soy, no wheat, no eggs, no fish and no shellfish.

Of all their products, I mostly love their yogurts but their salads dressing and their juices are also delicious. You should definitely be careful about what you eat because staying healthy can be a struggle but it is not impossible.

Check their website if you are curious to learn more about those amazing natural products and by the way, the shipping is free on all orders.

I wish you a wonderful day!!!

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