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Simple tips for styling your kitchen.

Hi guys! As you know I study interior design, so writing about this is always a pleasure for me. Many of you ask me to write about kitchen, so I'm gonna give some tips to style your kitchen. No matter if your kitchen is super small or that you don't have a big budget, don't worry my tips are easy to follow.

Add flowers or potted plant:

I think this is my favorite idea! Flowers and plants brings so much luminosity and color to the space, not to mention it makes your counters literally come to life.

Add cake stands on your counter:

Using cake stands is a really good idea because you can use them in so many different way. If you are a good cooker, you will put a real cake but you can also put the soap near the sink, or put colorful fruits, or spices... what you want.

Add a nice lighting:

Having a good lighting in your kitchen can be hard if the natural luminosity isn't present. But you can always buy nice ceiling lights who will embellish the heart of your kitchen.

Add charcuterie and cheese boards on the counter:

Let charcuterie and cheese boards on the counter, where everybody can see them is the thing to do. It will bring a rustic and charming atmosphere to your kitchen.

Add wall storage and shelves:

This kind of organization is really useful and modern. If you choose to put shelves, try to find some with an original color if your wall is white for example. If you prefer to put wall storage, try to find one with many possibilities to clean up your utensils.

Add jars and baskets to store the food:

I used to have a lot of jars in my pantry. I think is good because you gain place, your pantry is more organized and you don't have too much boxes and plastics. You can find this kind of stuff everywhere.

Add wonderful rugs:

Rugs in your kitchen will put a sophisticated accent. You can choose printed rugs, animals rugs, colorful rugs, choose what you like. But don't forget to take a rug with short hair, it could be a struggle to clean a rug with the vacuum in a kitchen.

I really hope those simple tips to style your kitchen will be helpful for you. Have a wonderful day everyone!

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