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My favorite gelato in Florida!

Mis à jour : 24 mars 2020

Hi everybody! I think that all people on this world like ice cream! From Italian gelato to American cookie ice cream, it's always delicious!

So today, I would like to share with you the place where I go for an amazing ice cream moment!

It is in Deerfield Beach, and it's called "Le Rendez-vous".

Looking for a delicious dessert that truly satisfies? This ice cream shop has its own recipe! 

​They create handmade desserts: Gelato Ice-cream, Smoothies, Coffees, French Crepes, Milk Shakes, and more!

For their creations, they select seasonal fruits rigorously to get the best taste.

They did their desserts by themselves, with a French know-how.

If you are interested and want to come in this place, check their website here: https://www.lerendezvous-icecream.com and their Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/lerendezvous.icecreams/

I wish you a wonderful day, and a happy snack time with delicious ice cream!

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