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Leaving Florida, Moving to New Jersey.

It is finally time for me to share with you why I left Miami for New Jersey.

So, as you know, I am French and, I moved to Miami in 2018 with my parents. We wanted to start a new life in the United States and, as we have friends already installed in Miami, we said let's go there! And honestly, Miami was fun and a great 2 years experience, but it wasn't forever.

My parents and I never really felt home in Miami. I'm going to explain to you why.

First, the weather! Maybe people think that in Miami you have 365 days of sun, let me tell you, that's not true! Thanks to climate change (the one that Mr. President doesn't believe in), the weather is hard. You have 6 great months (November-April) of sun and breezy air and, 6 terrible months (May-October) of tropicals storms, 90% of humidity, and temperature going up to 106*F. For us, it was very difficult to live 24/7 with the A.C on and with all the hurricane alerts. Another reason is work. Obviously, Miami is a vacation destination so we don't work exactly all year and that's a problem. I also didn't find a lot of friends there so nothing was holding us!

So, during the quarantine, we had to start searching for a house cause our lease expired soon but why staying in Miami? Nobody liked it and no one felt at home there. We started our research and New Jersey came up!

Why New Jersey? The weather is normal, with the regular seasons, I could finally buy coats and boots. It's closer to Europe and France (7h instead of 9h). It's at an hour from my favorite city in the world, New York. Also close to other states, so good points for vacations. The food is so much better! I know why it's called "The Garden State" now, all the vegetables and fruits are delicious compared to Florida. And also cause my mom and I have a huge business project that we think will fit better NJ than FL.

We took a moving company, packed all our furniture and stuff, and left Miami on the 31st of August. Of course, we came to NJ before moving to visit some houses and see the area. It wasn't easy to find a house during the COVID time but thanks to our amazing realtor, we find a cute house that we love for the 3 of us and our pets. So, after 3 days of driving thru 7 States, yes that was a long trip, we finally arrived home!

So here I am, living in a little town in New Jersey, enjoying every moment of this new life!

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