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Kid's Bedroom: 6 decorating ideas.

What did your room look like when you were a kid? I am guessing not exactly what we see on Pinterest or in beautiful decoration magazine. But, if you are now a mom or a dad who wants to do the best bedroom for their child, you are on the good page! I am going to give you 6 ideas to decorate the bedroom of your child, no matter if it's a baby, a kid or a teenager, my advice will fit with all ages. BIG DISCLAIMER: girls can have blue, boys can have pink, those are just some examples.

1- Add their name on a wall:

Kids love having attention and seeing their name in big characters on a wall of their bedroom will make them happy. You can write with paint, or buy some letters, or even stickers, they will love this!

2- Create a hiding place:

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to have a secret place in my room, and trust me, all kids want that too. They feel safe and far from mom's eyes. They can read, draw or just invite friends inside. You can find some teepee in many stores or you can create it by yourself with a curtain and some imagination!

3- Add his/her favorite theme:

Every kid have a favorite theme! From princess, flowers, superhero or football, they always love something more than anything else. So, adding some touch of their favorite theme is a perfect idea. It's not very difficult, you can find very cute stuff everywhere, be inventive!

4- Smart storage:

We all know that kids are messy and sometimes with all the toys they have, bedrooms can be a crime scene haha! That's why organization is the key. But because kids don't like cleaning, you have to create cute and smart storage. Boxes with names on it, a wall of toys, some shelves for books or even an over door shoe racks for stuffed animals.

5- Small desk:

Of course, kids need to do their homework, so a small desk is necessary. They will need a place for their pencils, for their school books and more, so don't forget to add storage. If you want to increase their skills, you can add a world map or just the alphabet. Everything is possible!

6- A good lighting:

Everybody knows that kids don't like being in the dark, so it's important to add lighting that they feel comforting. For example, if your child loves space and stars, add some glowing stickers on the ceiling. You can also insert curtain lights, or just add LED lighting.

That's it! I hope my blog post gives you some ideas for your kid's bedroom and if yes, send me some pictures in the comments part below.

I wish you a wonderful week!!

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