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Interior Halloween decorations.

Trick or treat?! Halloween is in less than a month so I thought it will be helpful for you guys if I share with you what kind of inside Halloween decorations I like. Let's see!

1- Pumpkin everywhere:

Pumpkins are everywhere in this fall season and they can be very stylish. You can choose the classy version with pastel colors to fit your home decoration or you can choose the Halloween style. You will be able to find a large variety of decorative pumpkins at Home Goods.

2- Windows decorations:

Window decor can be very cool! Especially if you want to afraid your neighbors. You have a lot of variety in all the decorations store or at Walmart.

3- Strange lights:

Do you want to create a scary atmosphere inside your house? Use lights! It can be lanterns made with pumpkins or DIY lanterns, you can put lights on your stairs, use freaky chandelier... use your imagination!

4- Table decorations:

If you plan to do a Halloween dinner with friends, your table needs to be dope and absolutely terrific. Like that, your friends will be surprised by your amazing talent of decorator and you will have awesome pictures! Once again, you can find a lot of stuff at Home Goods or Walmart.

5- Change everything:

Maybe that you are the crazy person who loves being afraid during all the October month, I am not but I respect you. So maybe, change all your inside decoration is a good idea, even if it's a lot of work.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you want to share your Halloween decorations with me, leave a picture in the comment part. Have a wonderful day and a freaky Halloween!

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