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I went to Hawaii with EF School ​​!

Mis à jour : 9 janv. 2020

As you know, I am a French girl living in Miami, so I need to speak English perfectly. Because English isn't my maternal language I decided to take classes. What is better to learn English in an amazing destination?

I made some research and I found EF (education first) an international language school. EF is very famous worldwide and proposes 52 destinations in the world. I didn't hesitate a long time, when I saw Hawaii I said: "I want to go there!"

I booked my trip with EF France in June 2018, so you can imagine how long I waited!

I choose the 3 weeks option but you can stay as long as you want. I think it's between 2 weeks to 1 year maximum in function of the destination. You can travel with EF if you are 16 years old minimum, and there isn't any age limit.

Concerning our accommodation, we have 2 choices: host family or EF residence. First, I choose the host family, I wanted to live in a typical Hawaiian family and exchange with them. But, there is a negative point, it's really far from the school. I was in a family in Waipahu, so I had every morning and every evening 1h to 1h30 by bus. SO BORING!! I asked the school if I can change and I was moving to the residence. The residence is 10min by foot to the school, you have twin room or multi-room, a small kitchenette in your room and a bigger kitchen on the 19th floor. I really enjoyed the residence, it's super cool, you meet so much more people!

Classes are amazing! Before your trip, you have to take an English test in your EF session and the school will determinate your level. The lower level is A1 and the best is C2, I am not totally sure about that aha! The first day of school is super cool, we have an orientation with all the EF staff and after we have games and a small visit to Waikiki. The great thing with the school is that we only have class during the morning or the afternoon, we are free most of the time.

I hope all my information about EF Honolulu will be helpful for you. I absolutely recommended this kind of school, this is an amazing experience, you learn English, you meet people from different country and you visit an incredible destination! Mahalo!

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