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How to adopt the positive mind ?

Mis à jour : 9 janv. 2020

Today I am going to talk about this new way of life, the positive mind!

So what is it? The positive mind is a way of understanding the world by adopting a positive behavior! It's a question of taking care of ourselves with the smile!

So this is 3 easy tricks to follow to adopt the positive mind :

- Think of you!

It's necessary to create a private moment for you, a moment where you can do what you love like read books, cook, draw, watch a movie or take a bath, whatever but take time for you!

It is an excellent way of relaxing and reconnect with who you are. Become aware of these capacities is the key.

- Be grateful!

To show gratitude to the others is the strong principle of positive psychology. It's for your own good and also for others! Engender the surrounding positivism is beneficial for your wellness! More you give, more you receive.

- Write!

Writing is one of the best exercises to be relaxed and has a positive mind! For example, you can write in a notebook or on your computer, the evening all your day, you can report your day at work or at school, what you want but write!

Don't forget that you have to write the positive things who happened in your day like you took a delicious coffee behind a wonderful sun, your boyfriend tells you something cute, or your friend makes a compliment about your dress ... This is really easy to do and when you feel bad you just have to read your notes to feel better, it might illuminate your journey!

I really hope those advice will help you if you want to adopt a positive mind, I promise that it's really cool! Have a good day everyone!