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Hawaiian Food that I loved!

Mis à jour : 28 mars 2020

I spent 3 weeks in Hawaii in February, and it was one of my best trip ever! And one of my favorite part of travel is discovering new culture. This is why I am going to share with you the food that I ate and loved during my trip in Hawaii.


In Hawaii, poke isn't just a dish, its a way of life! It's absolutely fresh, made with raw seafood marinated in the sauce of your choice. The most famous poke is the ahi poke, which is made with yellowfin tuna. What I like with a poke is that you can create it depending on your taste and what you like. A true Hawaiian poke bowl (poke served on a bed of rice) is the perfect beach meal.

Shave Ice:

All natural shave ice is the Hawaiian's iconic treat of the Island. This sweet snack is so famous that you can find small shave ice shops everywhere! But be careful because some places don't use natural flavors, and the taste isn't the same. The is the most delicious, shaven snow cone you've ever eat. With syrup flavors like coconut or cotton candy, this dessert is absolutely fabulous (even more if you add ice cream and toppings).

Açaí Bowl:

This fruit bowl isn't a "classic" of the Hawaiian food, but it's still a must-try. It's a bowl of a thick acai berry blend topped with fruits, granola, honey, and other awesome goodies. But now there is a lot of different combinations and taste. There's nothing more refreshing and full of vitamins to begin a wonderful day on the Island.


Saimin is a kind of ramen. It's a hot bowl full of noodles and with some toppings. Saimin is Hawaii's version of classic Asian noodle dishes, but it combines different culture as Japanese, Chinese and more. This dish is excellent after a long day of hiking.


What can I say about malasadas except that it's absolutely delicious! It's deep-fried balls coated in sugar. You can find different flavors like full of Nutella, marmalade and more. For the French people who read me, it's like "beignets".

Coconut and pineapple drinks:

There isn't a lot of explications for that, it's only coconut water or coconut milk in a real coconut and a pineapple smoothie in a real pineapple. It's really refreshing and totally cool for awesome Instagram pictures.

I know that there are more culinary specialties in Hawaii but it's hard to try everything! After that, I ate a lot of sushi and fruits.

I hope this blog post was interesting and I wish you will go to Hawaii and try these delicious dishes! Have a wonderful day!

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