• Miss Frenchy Girl

Cozy interior design ideas for fall and winter.

It's that time of the year! The weather is getting cooler, you say goodbye to your ice latte to get a pumpkin one, and you decorate your house for the holidays. I'm here to share with you some interior design ideas I love who could fit perfectly in this season.

More pillows, more blankets!

Pillows and blankets bring a warm vibe into an interior. Because it's fall, try to go with warm colors like brown, beige, or mustard. A couch or bed with many pillows and blankets is always a good idea, everybody wants to dive in!

Fall centerpiece.

It's not because summer is over that you shouldn't have flowers in your house! Take out a cute vase of your kitchen cabinets and filled it with radiant colors flowers, just like the changing leaves. Or, if you are not into taking care of plants, just buy some fakes, nobody gonna know!

Add some natural baskets!

Baskets are really cute and give a natural farmhouse vibe to your interior. It can be very useful to organize any kind of stuff and why not all your pillows and blankets you just bought?

Candles, it's always about candles!

Who isn't obsessed with candles? I mean, it smells good, it's aesthetically perfect and you can reuse the jar. Candles are always good if you are looking for a cozy interior. I found some amazing candles at home goods for a very affordable price.

I hope I gave you some ideas to give your interior a cozy vibe for fall and winter.



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