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Activities to do​ while quarantined at home.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, we are all staying home and self-isolated from others. Everything is canceled, we work from home, schools are closed, it's a real mess! So, instead of laying down on the couch all day, I'm gonna share a few activities to do at home during this quarantine.

Be productive:

- Organize your house, store in your papers, clean your drawers, check all the mails and bills. Better yet, go through this process with your junk drawer and supply shelves. 

- Clean all the rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Put in the trash all the old medicines or food you forgot. Have a space in your home where all of the tupperware goes? Organize it and actually match lids to containers. Use the broom, move the couch, make the house as clean as a baby butt!

- Check your closet and get rid of clothes you don't like anymore. Keep, donate, or trash, those are the 3 categories you should have at the end.

- Work on a new project! You have a project in mind for a long time and I didn't have time before to work on it? Now it's the perfect occasion.

Be creative:

- If you play an instrument, it's the right time to dust off that old instrument and practice. And of course, if it's not bothering your neighbors!

- D you like drawing or painting? Take those pencils and paint out of this old drawer and start being creative.

- Start a blog or write a journal. Write poetry. Just try it!

Do stuff you never had time to do before:

- Bake some cool recipes you saw on Pinterest or Instagram. Try the famous whipped coffee! Do some colorful cupcakes with your kids or simply cook for yourself.

- Call your friends, your family. Check how they are, take news from those who live far or in another country. Do some virtual party with zoom. Enjoy life!

- Finally, read books that are on your shelf since you don't remember when you bought it!

- Start a puzzle of thousands of pieces or play a board game with your family. I'm sure you can buy all the streets and houses in Monopoly haha!

Be lazy:

- Take time for yourself, relax, do some yoga or meditate. You will feel so peaceful after!

- Have a beauty routine. Do some face masks, take a bath, do your nails. Just chill!

- Watch all Netflix haha! Find a new show, watch the longest movie ever, spend hours on Tik Tok watching videos. It's ok to take time to be lazy, don't be ashamed!

That's it, guys! I hope you could find some inspiration and let me know what you have been doing since the beginning of the quarantine!



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