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A day in the West of Florida

Mis à jour : 28 mars 2020

Yesterday I did with my family a small road trip from the Everglades to Naples! I really like Miami but sometimes feeling the fresh air of nature is absolutely heartwarming. So, with my family, we decided to do 3 stops: the Everglades, the Indian Village, and Naples.

First, we stopped at "Gator Park"! It's at only 35min from my house and it's really cool! So we did an Air Boat tour about 40min for $30 and the alligators' show was included. I absolutely like the savage nature of this place, it's peaceful and intriguing at the same time.

After that, we went to the Miccosukee Indian Village, based on the U.S. Highway 41. It was really interesting to see them, to see how they live and what they do. The pass is at $12, so not many expensive for the experience.

Inside there are artwork and clothing designed by Indian artisans and there are also performances by Native American Tribes dancers and singers.

We learned a lot about the heritage and lifestyle of the Indian Tribes. We really enjoyed this authentic atmosphere, the experience was culturally rich.

Then, to finish our visit day, we went to Naples. This small town is absolutely charming and cute! With those wonderful houses, Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. We decided to park near the beach and walked forward the Pier. We saw the sunset at 6 pm, and it was fantastic! After that, we did a small tour in the center, did a little bit of shopping in those artisan stores and we ate at a really good French restaurant.

I really enjoyed this small trip with my family and I hope you will enjoy this post! Have a good day everyone!